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Cooking and Nutrition is part of Life Skills like Communication and Money Management

Accomplishing such Basic Life Skills as tying shoes and buttoning clothing, making nutritious choices regarding the food they eat, are just of the few of the basic skills that help children become independent and confident as they mature. Being able to communicate with others and make friends is vital to their well-being and social development. As they recognize how the people around them provide valuable services and assist them, children gain a sense of comfort and safety. Simple tasks, such as learning to tell time, following a daily schedule and learning to follow directions provide comforting structure and help them prepare for a great day.

Eating out is something to look forward to whether at a restaurant or at the local fast food drive-in. Being able to order healthy foods and pay for them gives a child self-confidence. Making correct change or being sure they get the right change in return are math skills necessary for everyday life. Entertaining games and puzzles are a fun way for young children to learn these life skills.

Since playtime is a valuable way young children learn, our assortment of imaginative activities provides variety and choices for youngsters with different interests and abilities to build learning skills while providing engaging challenges. Beginning with recognizing colors, shapes and sizes of objects a child learns the names and then how these objects are used through activities such as sorting, classifying, and patterning. These foundations of thinking skills progress to improving memory and more complex problem solving skills.

Accomplishing necessary language skills enables a child to read and write and communicate their thoughts and feelings to others. Moving from learning letters, mastering the alphabet, learning new words and putting them into sentences, verbally and in writing, are achievements that build a child's self-confidence. In addition, these communication skills help them gain an understanding of the diversity of people around them and the world in which they live, and prepare them for success in school.

Basic Life Skills learning toys concentrate on the vital special developmental needs of early childhood for toddler, preschooler, and children in the areas of cognitive, emotional, and social skills. This special needs collection of educational toys provides exciting ways for children to gain the essential skills that enable them to build a satisfying and fulfilling life.