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As an infant grows and a child matures they have special needs for improvement in the areas of Physical Fitness and Physical Development. Our diverse selection of special needs products and toys are comprised of pediatric fitness learning toys and products, kid's educational toys, and publications to assist parents. This selection provides suggestions to help parents in their support of a child's physical development in the areas of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, improved balance, whole body coordination, and strengthening. The products were selected because they are designed to encourage a child's creative involvement in physical fitness and exercise, providing movement sensory stimulation or calming relaxation, and energizing outdoor activities.

The fun and entertaining learning toys in categories such as Fine Motor Development provide many ways to meet the individual needs and interests of a child and develop their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Gross Motor Development, including Balance & Coordination, and Tossing & Catching are great ways to develop their body and get children energized with Fitness activities. Uncomplicated toys such as Bean Bags are great for tossing, may be easier to grasp for children with special needs, and can be used in relays and other indoor and outdoor games. Parachute play and Exercise and Game Balls activities enliven children and get them outdoors. These healthy exercises also help youngsters learn to follow game rules and follow directions as they play together. Learning good sportsmanship, taking turns, and sharing are skills developed in group play. As any parent knows, these important skills help a child fit in when playing and working with others.

Although the main focus for products in this category is on the special needs of a child's physical well-being, these learning toys also provide enjoyable ways for them to improve communication, language skills, and social skills as children and parents work together and when children use them in group play. Blocks and construction activities are a prime example. Research has shown that incorporating music with exercise activities most often improves a child's comprehension. You will find a selections of Music CDs that combine body strengthening movements and exercises with following directions activities and communication building skills.