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is an example of the Basic Life Skill of Communication, Self-Expression, Fine Motor Skill Development and Creativity

Basic Life Skills

Cooking and Nutrition is part of Life Skills like Communication and Money Management This special needs collection concentrates on the vital developmental needs of early childhood for toddler, preschooler, and young children in the areas of cognitive, emotional, and social skills. The special needs products provide essential skills to prepare children for school and for a fulfilling life. These learning toys and educational activities offer ways to help children with special needs care for themselves, learn to communicate, gain self-awareness, and understand those around them.

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Physical Fitness & Development

focused on Physical Fitness and DevelopmentOur diverse selection of special needs products and toys in this category covers educational items and pediatric fitness learning toys that support a child's physical development in the areas of fine motor skills, coordination, gross motor skills, improved balance, coordination, and strengthening. These special needs products were designed to encourage a child's creative involvement in physical fitness exercise, providing movement sensory stimulation, and energizing outdoor activities.

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Sensory Stimulation

demonstrates Sensory Stimulation and Motor Skills Development Crucial sensory stimulation through Auditory, Visual, Tactile, and Multi-Sensory special needs products includes stimulating and calming activities and learning toys that meet the divergent input needs of children. In addition, products that meet the special needs a child with limited abilities are also included. These Sensory Stimulating products provide Parents, Teachers, and Professionals with quality choices to meet the individual needs of a child.

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Creative & Pretend Play

pretending to be an Astronaut in a makeshift tent next to a cardboard spaceship Encourage imaginative play in which children can assume other roles and develop perspective-taking skills with engaging and entertaining special needs products. This meaningful and essential play improves cognitive skills and provides group activities for development of language and socialization skills. Role play enables children to explore and verbalize their feelings in a positive environment. And, the varied activities get them moving and engaged to build self-assurance and self-confidence.

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