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Carson-Dellosa Textured Touch & Trace: Numbers Manipulative (846013)

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Multisensory stimulation with Textured Touch and Trace Number Cards help chilidren develop and practice handwriting skills. Dots and arrow clues make it easy to correctly print numbers. Activities and multilingual instructions are included.
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Sturdy Textured Touch and Trace Cards Numbers - 30 textured cards that help youngsters learn to identify numbers, rote count, and understand one-to-one correspondence. The activity provides multisensory stimulation as children develop and practice handwriting skills. The movement of their hands as they trace number shapes on the cards helps them learn to identify and correctly print each number. Suggested activities include saying/hearing number names to improve number-sound recognition. 

Green dots on cards direct child to where to begin tracing and red dots to indicate where to stop. Directional arrows help to teach correct letter formations. Activities also include saying/hearing number names to improve number-sound recognition. Cards in each set are 4.25 in. x 5.5 in. Instructions on back of box in English, Spanish, and French. 

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