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Cursive Writing for Right- & Left- Handed Kids Resource Book

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Teach the correct handwriting style to both right- and left-handed students with this must-have handwriting resource.
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This Creative Child Awards winner provides an effective developmental approach for all children to provides the tools and practice they need to develop correct handwriting skillls and prepare them for future areas where these skills will improve their succeess. 

Left-handed children, struggling students, and special learners will learn how to maintain good posture, align their paper, properly grasp a pencil, write at a natural slant, and position their arm, wrist, and hand correctly.

This 176 page Key Education Resource Book includes:
  • effective teaching tips and techniques
  • assessment of handwriting skills
  • sensory integration activities
  • specific strategies for left-handed students
  • handwriting suggestions for struggling students and special learners

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