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Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks Set of 47 by Learning Resources

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Larger-sized pattern blocks make it easier for children with dexterity difficulties to learn math concepts such as size and shape recognition, symmetry, fractions, and more.
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Reinforce math concepts such as shape recognition, symmetry, congruency (equal in size & shape), fractions, area and more. Help your child explore patterning. Larger sized pattern blocks a great for special needs youngsters with manual dexterity or visual difficulties.  Perfect for demonstration, too. Proportionately sized pieces are 3 times the length of standard pattern blocks on each sideā€”and 9 times greater in total area! Pattern Blocks come in six shapes each with its own distinctive color. A hexagon is the largest piece and measures 6 in. Set includes 47 pieces and Activity Guide

Age: 4 and older
Grade: PreK and up

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