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Guidecraft Count and Lace Fruit - 19 Pc Set

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Help children explore early childhood learning concepts of color and shape sorting, sequencing, and development of fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. with this lace the catepillar, featuring 8 different types of fruit.
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This brightly colored Count and Lace activity toy encourages children to lace the caterpillar threading needle through 8 colorful fruits to create many patterns. Set includes two long laces with caterpillar on one end and a beaded stopper on the other. shaped wooden needles and beaded stoppers for secure threading. 10 activity cards act as creativity guides to encourage various counting and sequencing challenges and for pattern matching. 

This play promotes fine-motor and sequencing skills, ideal for individual and small group play, as well as encourages storytelling and dialogue with the caterpillar characters. Multiple benefits  gained from this manipulative toy include fine motor skill development such as hand-eye coordination, as well as color and shape sorting, and counting and sequencing skill development. 

Age: 3 yrs. and up

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