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Guidecraft Shimmering Water Rainbow Blocks Set

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Shimmering Water Block Play that indulges your childs delight in exploration of color, light and sound.
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This block play encourages your childs to explore changes of color, light and sound by merging blocks to form new colors and sounds and personalized shapes. This playtime your child is also builds hand-eye coordination and visual perception while stimulating their visual senses. Rainbow Blocks - Shimmering Water are smooth hardwood frames with transparent acrylic windows with colorful water that sparkles.

Set provides eight blocks per pkg. with 4 rectangles and 4 half moon shapes. Blocks are standard unit block measurements and can be combined with other unit block sets to provide additional enrichment.

Age: 2 yrs. and older

Other Rainbow Blocks include:
Rainbow Blocks - Crystal Beads - Translucent windows with colorful beads. 
Rainbow Blocks - Sand - Translucent windows with colorful sand.
Rainbow Blocks - 10 Pc. Set with inset colored acrylic windows in assorted shapes: 4 rectangle, 2 square, 2 triangle and 2 half circle shapes

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