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Miniland Emotiblocks - Basic Emotions Toy

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International awards winning game providing likeable characters with changeable bodies and activity sheets to entertain and to help children become familiar with the their emotions.
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A set of characters with interchangeable pieces which enable children to freely create likeable characters..  This game is an entertaining tool to help children recognize facial expressions and identify them. Use it to help them discover basic emotions, develop tolerance, emphathy, and respect for diversity, improve their vocabulary speaking and listening skills. This game comes with 6 characters with changeable bodies and faces that represent different emotions, as well as changes to their personalities. Activity sheets and teaching guide enable a variety of activities providing quality family time.

Emotiblocks is an innovative game that has won 4 prestigious international awards:
2015 Best Toy Award of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers in the Games category.
Dr. Toy's 100 Best: selected among the 100 Best Children's products of 2015.
Dr. Toy's 10 Best Games: selected among the 10 Best Children's games of 2015.
Parent's Choice Awards 2015: selected among the Best Products of 2015, in the Toys category.

Ages: 2 and up

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