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Crucial sensory stimulation through our special needs products includes learning toys with stimulating activity and educational toys that encompass calming activities. The selection provides toys to meet a wide variety of abilities, needs and interests of a child and includes products for a child with limited abilities as well. We strive to provide Parents, Teachers, and Professionals with quality choices to equip them with sensory activities designed to meet that needs of a child.

Auditory and Visual Stimulation through themed photo cards and photo cards that include CDs is one of the strongest tools available to help parents of special needs children, a child with developmental delay such as Autism, or a young child who needs assistance with communication and language development skills. Activities using these flash cards encourage development of sorting, classifying, memory matching and observation skills while helping children to better understand themselves and the world around them. The CDs in many of these sets offer a range of sound lotto-style games that are adaptable to individual needs. Ideal for early childhood and special education, these listening games develop essential sound discrimination skills. For children who have difficulty reading, we offer eye-appealing illustrated books accompanied by CDs that help to make the stories come alive through rhymes and sing-along songs.

If your child could benefit from an acoustical voice-feedback system to improve hearing individual sounds, check out the WhisperPhone A selection of the well-known Hots Dots Jr. products and sound puzzles provides immediate visual and audio feedback that help your child to immediately correct answers and are grouped here. These sensory toys were designed to provide entertainment while improving learning and helping children gain self-assurance.

Need something different? In the Multi-Sensory Category, you can see toys with lights and sounds that encourage movement stimulation as well as blocks that encourage a child’s delight in exploration of color, light and sound. Sand and Water Play offers calming ways for children to explore their curiosity through sand, water, and other familiar objects. This play offers an excellent Tactile Perception setting which children love. Sensory balls, tactile games and handling different textures also proved Tactile Perception experiences through play.