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Time & Money Bingo Board Games

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Two Bingo Board Games provide school-age children practise to help them learn about time and money--time in five-minute intervals and coin combinations to $1.00.
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Two great Bingo math games in one provide an enjoyable way to beginning learning these important math skills. Each side of the double-sided answer mat features a different skill, helping children learn to follow directions while learning Time and Money math conceptsGames include 36 double-sided game cards, 720 tokens,100 calling cards, a double-sided answer mat, and a game guide. Perfect for family game time, small-group use, and with an entire class.
  • Time is shown in digital and analog formats! 
  • Children play with Time in five-minute intervals. 
  • The Money Bingo game features coin combinations to $1.00. 
  • These fun, learning games support NCTM standards. 

Ages: 7-11

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