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Write-On/Wipe Off: 52 Blank Puzzle Pieces by Key Education

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Children, parents and teachers can use to make puzzles by drawing pictures or writing math problems, alphabet letters, words, or sentences.
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"A Multisensory Approach for Learning How to Print Letters & Numerals, Draw Pictures, Complete Math Problems, Create Sentences,..." suitable for early learning activities, language arts exercises, and special learning needs. This Key Education activity set includes 52 write-on/wipe-off blank puzzle pieces that can be used  at home and school. Includes Resource Guide to assist parents and teachers.

Encourages children to draw pictures or color imaginative designs with crayons and markers to make their own puzzles. Parents and teachers can use for alphabet letters, words, sentences, or write math problems, to create teaching materials directed to the individual needs of your child. When working with crayons and non-perminent markers, the write-on/wipe-off feature allows changes and reuse of pieces. Whether using as an unique multisensory teaching tool or a craft project, the 52 write-on/wipe-off blank puzzle pieces offer creative opportunities for everyone.

Ages: 4 -7 yrs.
Grades: PreK - Gr. 1

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