If you came to this page to read our articles about product recommendations and suitability, or to check for a product that may have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we apologize for causing any inconvenience. It has become difficult to maintain multiple blogs for each of our websites. By combining our blogs, it should be easier to access information from one place which would otherwise require accessing multiple locations to locate.

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Blogs for Special Needs Toys Online and Funtastic Learning Toys
have been combined and relocated to our corporate site.

Special Needs Toys Online and Funtastic Learning Toys are two divisions of Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co.

Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co. is a small company formed by U. S. Veterans who have seen people which through birth or life crisis have Special Needs. Our mission is to provide products and support to families, teachers, therapists, and organizations working with Special Needs Children and to provide employment for U. S. Veterans and the Elderly.

Special Needs Toys Online focuses on the social and developmental skills needed by Special Needs Children to lead a productive and fulfilling life within the community. These products emphasize more personal development and less educational requirements.

Funtastic Learning Toys focuses on Special Needs Students, their parents and their caregivers, by promoting supplemental resources that enhance Special Needs Learning and Special Education Curriculum for home, homeschool, and classroom environments.